Ace Karaoke

I have spent most of my growing up years with family and good friends by just having a great time.  These were mostly during weekends wherein most of us would gather together after a long week at school or work and just laid lazily on the family couch inside one of our dens on the first floor of our home back then.  We mostly had small talk and conversations about friends, relationships, school and work basically, but we did enjoy something that everybody just had to get involved in.  There could never be a time that we had so much fun as compared to singing our lungs out and this occasion included the children of the group.

It seems that I have never had grown tired of having to listen to myself singing after all those long years and have decided to get a sing-along machine for our own home.  With the children growing up and family and friends frequenting our place on weekends, I have thought of reviving the old tradition by way of modernizing it.  I was very glad to come across where I found just what I needed to start reliving the good old days even after more than a decade.

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