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I have just resigned from my previous work as a marketing manager over at one of the local companies in our area.  Although my experience extends a few years back prior to this previous job I have held, I have decided to set up my own small business at home and could basically work from there while attending to the children at the same time.  It was some sort of a blessing that my husband’s career at the company he is presently working for has taken him a level higher in terms of position, which brought about better opportunities for this new venture I had gotten myself into.

I initially started with retailing consumer items and have done this by way of phone calls and booths which were set up whenever there was a local function held at a public venue.  The list of information I got for potential clients were crudely gathered from either the phonebook or through referrals from friends, relative and neighbors.  Actually, all of these have been replaced by a system I have in my computer and in just less than a minute, practically everything I need to know, whether it be logistics, client data or anything else, are immediately presented. The selling part has drastically improved a lot and has changed for the best I believe.  Now I have people calling and sending me mail, which is a far cry from the time I had to push for sales.  It was through hand outs and brochures that I had distributed for weeks and the effort paid off.  It is also because of the practicality and efficiency of getting hold of catalog printing online. Now I can have my marketing materials made at the time and the way I want them.

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