Foreign Coins

There are a lot of interests that people can get themselves involved in as hobbies or even as a possible source of income.  We have probably been known to collect memorabilia or items of personal value to remind us of certain memories or important events at one point in our lives.  It is also true to say that we maintain certain inherent passions that we pursue and it has always been a fact that much importance and focus is provided most of the time during this endeavor.

I have been personally involved with fund raisers that are regularly held within our locality and these are most often for the benefit of specific non-profit organizations that provide shelter and basic necessities of neighbors and locals who are less fortunate than most.  It has proven to be one of the most meaningful things that I have gotten myself involved in and I still remember the time when I had to help organize an auction of which a small percentage of the proceeds were directed to charity.  It was generally a success by having quite a number of rare and valuable items being sold, but nothing got my attention the most than the collection of foreign coins being presented at that time.  The previous owner seemed to be proud of what he had to offer and I was very sure that there was something more than just the actual value involved.  It was probably the enthusiasm that the person had in being able to present his prized possession and nothing was more obvious than the passion he had expressed.

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