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During my years as a teenager and spending time with other students over at the local university, I could say that it has greatly contributed to a majority of what my personality is today.  It was through constant exposure to a different environment, other than home, that has actually made me realize that there is so much to learn and grasp when it comes to living outside family.  It has taught me independence and has instilled in me a passion for several hobbies that I have found very interesting and very comforting.

Life during my last years in school proved to be full of pressures and trials which is why I have adopted several ways on how to keep focused on studies while I was maintaining my social life as a struggling teen. I have had a couple of really close friends whom I have grown attached to most especially when times got tough and just needed the company.  This is where I got hold of certain talents that I never knew existed inside me and one of them is playing musical instruments.  I have never really gone out of my way in learning nor have I initiated any efforts and this was prior to entering college.  It was just a blessing that I was around young people who were unselfishly willing to share what they had and this was the start of it all.  I can say that I owe a lot of things about myself to these kind friends of mine, but to be more specific, it was because of their support that I was able to excel in something I thought was never there to begin with.  We still meet up to this time and on some occasions, bringing our own families with us.  It was during one of this events that I have brought with me a present I wanted to hand over to one of us and I was really more than glad that it was very much appreciated and just brought back years of fun and memories.  It was a fender deluxe vm from guitar center that I have gifted my good friend and since then, there was never a conversation we had that did not make mention of it.

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