It was more than two decades ago that I have had my last experience when it comes to spending my vacation from school with other kids of my age on excursions and out of town trips.  I remember back then that my father would personally see me off on the bus where I would spend a good two or more hours chatting and exchanging pleasantries with others whom I have met only for the first time.  It was really fun back then since it had taught me so many things about socializing and familiarizing myself with people from other backgrounds and had instilled in me a sense of camaraderie and independence in a way.

Now that I have a family of my own and my children have reached the common ages where getting more exposure to other kids is a healthy part of growing up, both my husband and myself have decided to enroll them in group activities that are held on annual basis during their vacation period. It was through this effort of ours that I had chanced upon I have learned that things are much well organized as compared to what we had during our time back then.  Now I can really feel secure knowing that my kids will be looked after attentively and will be well attended to in my absence.  

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