Imprinted Koozies

There are quite a number of special occasions that people hold on to and cherish even during a lifetime.  These are those events that can never just be forgotten, more over if it involves family and special people who are dear to us.  It does exemplify the best in all of us since it shows our sensitive nature that creates a sense of uniqueness that differentiates us from the rest.  The habit of treasuring things that provide fond and unforgettable memories have been a practice that we have possibly and unconsciously taken in as part of our lives and it should never be over looked at any given point.

I have to mention that I am among those who seriously indulge in keeping memories close by and I also have to admit that I own a collection of memorabilia safely hidden among the other things I keep inside my bedroom.  As far as I can remember, I have taken a liking to collecting items as far back to my high school years when my social life started.  I even have gone through them lately just to help me reminisce about the good days when everything was as simple as it could get.  Just a couple of days back, I was asked by one of my good friends to help out in looking for possible giveaways for those that would be attending her daughter’s eighteenth birthday. This was one task that I had enjoyed doing and I was actually surprised to see quite a number of options and among them were imprinted koozies that I have come across while doing some sourcing.  I was very glad that my good friend’s daughter was so happy that she had even given the same idea to some of her acquaintances.

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