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It was on my last year at work that I have decided to venture into something of my own when it came to the much needed income of someone who had a family to raise together with a husband who had a stable job and was a good provider at that.  We have both reached a decision that I would need to find something lucrative to do while I was at home raising our youngest child since getting a baby sitter has proved to be impractical on account of the budget we had at that time.  It did not come too late when one of my close friends, with her concern to help alleviate matters on hand, suggested that I continue doing what I was at the previous job I had but would probably be home-based.  I was involved in marketing of consumer items and long before my last occupation, I was managing a local shop that dealt in household products.

It was very fortunate that my husband had all the right connections to get me started on this new endeavor which made practically everybody close to the family personally involved.  Among the first few things that I had to get organized was the detailed planning on how to go about starting this home project of mine.  All sorts of ideas started pouring in and were shared by close friends and family which lead to a successful beginning.  It was also through efforts of some people that provided me access to the local market through the internet and I was even able to put up my own site to greatly boost my marketing efforts.  It was very convenient when I had to conceptualize how my site was going to turn out through web html templates.  Since then, there was only one direction that we were headed for and that was further expansion and this was through the combined efforts and patience of a lot of good people.

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