I remember when I was still studying decades back when homeroom advisers over at our local primary school would urge all of us students to join in whatever extracurricular subjects that were being offered that time.  It did not take special skills for someone to have joined clubs in those days, what was important was that children our ages would learn socializing skills and this was the most important matter that counted the most.

When I was growing up together with older brothers and sisters in our humble home, I was exposed to practically every single member of the family, who mostly were hobby musicians.  The most inspiring character I had when I got interested in playing musical instruments was my grandfather.  There were weekends that we spent together learning musical notes and how play harmoniously with others.  This was the time that I completely fell in love with the xylophone which lead me to join the band over at our school.  It was one of the most memorable and fun experiences I could never forget.

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