March 12, 2013 archive

Gigital Sphygmomanometer

  I was raised in a family of medical practitioners starting from my grandfather all the way down to uncles and my own mother, being a nurse at that.  I could say that being around people who moved within the world of medical professionals, I was able to gain knowledge accordingly and has proved to …

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Cushions on the Patio

  We have moved into our new house just recently and to be exact, it has been four months now.  It has never been as comfortable as it has ever been as compared to our previous home where there was just so much that we had to improve on.  I am very much grateful to …

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Church Pew Chairs

  I have been a member of our local pastoral congregation for as long as I can remember ever since I and my husband have moved our family to our present locality, which was more than fifteen years ago.  We have decided back then to move out of our first home due to a permanent …

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(No title)

Profire 2626

  I have been so pre-occupied with by attending to my own small business at home and at the same time looking out after our youngest in the family while the others are at school.  My husband maintains a day job over at a local firm and only comes home early in the evening where …

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Zoom g5

I am into listening to music and have always found time to do so.  I have found it to be a relaxing activity for myself and this has started way back during my college years over at the local university.  I still remember the times when I would keep myself locked up in my room …

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Stay Healthy and Fit Everyday

Apothecary Products

  I have spent most of my growing up years with both grandparents from my mother’s side since my father thought that it was a wise decision at that time because of the number of high schools within their locality that were among those that were highly-regarded by quite a number of parents.  As a …

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  I have started my own small business over at my house ever since I have decided to resign from my previous occupation as a sales and marketing manager at a local company.  I would say that it has proven to be a wise move on my part since it has created more space for …

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Pandora Beads

I have always grown fond of doing some personal chores whenever I got the chance to fill my spare time during weekends.  It has always kept me busy most of the time since I believe in turning every single idle minute into something productive.  I still remember clearly during my teen years that I would …

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