Church Pew Chairs


I have been a member of our local pastoral congregation for as long as I can remember ever since I and my husband have moved our family to our present locality, which was more than fifteen years ago.  We have decided back then to move out of our first home due to a permanent work assignment my husband had been offered back then, and our present place was just very suitable for raising a young family that included just us husband and wife and our first-born.


I really am very happy and glad that we made the transfer since our community has practically everything a striving family could ask for back then.  The environment was just perfect for family living, complete with good schools, a wonderful and friendly neighborhood and of course, a beautiful place of worship.  This is where it all started for the entire family.  It has always been a weekend ritual that we would all gather after the Sunday service, friends and neighbors alike, and share pleasantries, with children roaming and playing with each other.  I have been very active due to the fact that I strongly believe in what has been established as a community of great people.  I have even shared a portion of my time by helping out with the rejuvenation of house of worship by going through the internet in source for fixtures and was very blessed to come across some church pew chairs at  It was really heaven-sent in the strictest sense since it turned out to be the most practical and appealing portion of the renovation.

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