Cushions on the Patio


We have moved into our new house just recently and to be exact, it has been four months now.  It has never been as comfortable as it has ever been as compared to our previous home where there was just so much that we had to improve on.  I am very much grateful to our previous abode where most of my children experienced their growing-years in, however, it was finally time for us to move to a bigger place since everybody was growing at a faster pace and it could have eventually been too difficult if we did it at a much later time.


I have not received any complaints from the kids ever since we moved into the new place.  There were no unfavorable comments except praises and appreciation for what we have at this very moment.  The area is just large enough for the younger ones to play freely and enjoy the backyard where we have a small gazebo that we hold weekend barbecues among ourselves and new acquaintances, mostly neighbors.  We also have an area behind, which is part of the structure, overlooking the whole yard, which is how we just wanted it to be.  We have also placed cushions on the patio to make it more comfortable for ourselves and guests alike.

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