Pandora Beads

I have always grown fond of doing some personal chores whenever I got the chance to fill my spare time during weekends.  It has always kept me busy most of the time since I believe in turning every single idle minute into something productive.  I still remember clearly during my teen years that I would gather my very close friends over at my home wherein we would brainstorm and find things to do.  It has been one among my most memorable experiences giving me memories of friendship and camaraderie while I was growing up. 

Now that I have settled down and have my own family, these fond memories still linger in my mind giving me more reasons to pursue what I have picked up from those days.  It was not long ago that I have decided to get a couple of ideas into work and have started on some small project of mine. I spent some time on the internet looking for some interesting items to work on and have come across pandora beads that completely caught my fancy.  I am presently putting them together and hopefully could come up with something unique as what I have always wanted.


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