Profire 2626


I have been so pre-occupied with by attending to my own small business at home and at the same time looking out after our youngest in the family while the others are at school.  My husband maintains a day job over at a local firm and only comes home early in the evening where he joins everybody in time for dinner. It has been our daily ritual until the weekend comes when everybody gets more excited than usual.  It is during this time that we gather our things and head for an out-of-town trip to completely unwind and spend quality time together. 


It was just recently, that my spouse for more than 15 years, found a new hobby that kept all of us more active when it came to family. I remember that he took everybody one Saturday afternoon to the local mall and made us listen to a local band.  Surprising for all of us, it was our first time to spend our free time within the vicinity without having to travel kilometers away. After the playing and entertainment had ended, he gladly introduced us to someone from the group, who happened to be a young colleague from his company. It turns out that his friend was a part-time musician and has invited us over to see him do a private recording over at his place soon after. This is where my husband’s idea got started with setting up something similar over at our house.  I have actually gotten myself involved since it was really something that got everybody completely thrilled.  I have ended up looking at several sites in sourcing for some affordable equipment, and with his friend’s recommendation, I found myself purchasing a profire 2626, which according to some insights and reviews, would complete the setup they were working on all together.

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