I have started my own small business over at my house ever since I have decided to resign from my previous occupation as a sales and marketing manager at a local company.  I would say that it has proven to be a wise move on my part since it has created more space for myself and my family in a way that we could now spend more time just bonding and enjoying each others’ company.  It was on account of my husband’s support and inspiring ideas that made everything possible and fall into place. 


It was not long ago that, due to the increasing demand coming from my small pool of clients, we decided to expand further and lease a place just around the block from our house.  It turned out to be a very strategic move since it was really very practical for myself to be shuttling back from home to this new office, and at times, could even personally attend to my children’s needs at school whenever the occasion called for it. However, having to move in was really quite exhausting since it meant sourcing and purchasing new fixtures just to get us really started and going.  I was lucky enough that I have found a site on the internet that just gave me wonderful ideas on how to do my  racking, which turned out to be very practical. Now I can say that everything is well organized and things can never be better than it was recently. 

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