I have been a licensed broker for a year now and I could say that I have been blessed with a lot of opportunities when it comes to successful transactions that involved dealing with a pool of very cooperative clientele and professional developers.  I would have to say that when it comes to client relations, it all boils down to being able to provide what all of them require and that is basically good, reliable and sincere service coupled with accurate details.  I have to admit that I am as equally as detailed, if not a bit more, than most clients when it comes to information and this is why I have always made sure with associating myself with developers that could present me with pertinent information that are almost immediately provided when needed.  In as much as clients being my top priority when it comes to transactions for very obvious reasons, proper selection and screening of housing projects have always been a vital key to success as far as my views are concerned.  This is why I make sure that I provide my clients with what they are out in the market for.

I have garnered much of my success through the partnership I have found with GLOBAL LANDS INC./RI REALTY  by way of their successful townhouse projects that always catered to what majority of prospective home owners want.  It was the most sensible and logical thing that I have decided on ever since I was introduced to the real estate industry.  Things could not get any better at this point and I am honestly looking at a longer professional relationship with this very dependable group.  I could further say that, although pushing for a transaction until the very end is not a walk-in-the-park effort, it is made easier through constant and consistent unselfish cooperation from partners such as GLOBAL LANDS/RI REALTY. 

GLOBAL LANDS DEVELOP and INVEST CORP. & RI REALTY PHILIPPINES CORP. One of the fastest growing property developers in the country today. In span of 5 years, we have finished and delivered 14 projects. This year, we have 8 ongoing projects. We have grown from being a provider of homes in small pocket developments, to medium rise condominiums and townhouses.

The company was founded in 2008 by a group of businessman who believed in providing affordable houses for Filipino people will make a big difference in their life. GLOBAL LANDS DEVELOP and INVEST CORP. & RI REALTY PHILIPPINES CORP. Envision to give the best home packaged with strategic locations. We are committed to deliver quality homes at a very reasonable price. Owning home has been a Filipino dream. GLOBAL LANDS DEVELOP and INVEST CORP. & RI REALTY PHILIPPINES CORP. transform that dreams into reality.

Our business philosophy: professionalism and customer service are the key elements for business success. We are proud of our professional team and expert in home builders that combine with respect and innovation to ensure the quality of our products.

To satisfy the housing needs of every Filipino by providing quality and affordable housing projects.

To build quality townhouses for everyone and to upgrade the standard of living of the Filipino community.

At this point, all I can say is, as the saying would go, it takes two to tango, which, in my case, has proved it to be a fact and something that I have learned to embrace as part of my personal ideology when it comes to working in true harmony in order to end up with very fruitful and well-deserved accomplishments.  I am very positive that things can only get better, and by this, I mean results that continue to be very favorable through the continued partnership with GLOBAL LANDS / RI REALTY.   At GLOBAL LANDS/RI REALTY, success can only be achieved through consistency and persistence in providing what most of us look forward to and that is complete satisfaction.   This has always been the company’s main objective and I am quite lucky to have found this positive nature within this organization. 


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