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10 BEST Healthy Tips for DIABETICS

Healthy tips for diabetics~ 1. Eat food at fixed hours. Do not overeat. 2. Do not eat immediately after a workout. 3. If you are on insulin, make sure you have three proper meals with light snacks in between. 4. Do not eat fast; masticate and munch your food well before you swallow. 5. Drink …

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Avida Towers VITA

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Violin Bow

I grew up in a family of music enthusiasts and as far back as I can remember, there was never a dull weekend that was spent over at our home whenever we would have close friends and relatives dropping by for visits or for dinner.  It was always an exciting moment where we would gather around the …

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I have been working for a local marketing company for about ten years before I have decided to set up my own small business at home.  It was basically to have more time spent with the children, who were growing up real fast, as what both I and my husband have expected.  It was because of this same reason that we have …

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CUBAO TOWNHOUSE – 11th Avenue Square

HOUSE SPECIFICATIONS: Three (3) Storey Townhouse Floor Area: 90-92 sq.m. Lot Area: 32-42 sq.m. Three (3) Bedrooms Three (3) Toilet and Bath One (1) –  car garage Laundry/Service Area PRICE & TERMS Cash or Bank Financing Reservation Fee: Php. 100,000.00 30% Initial Investment in 20 months 70% Full payment upon turnover of units or 70% …

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Cast Stone Fountains

  I and my husband have just recently moved into our new home where the area is much larger than the previous house which was the most important deciding factor in consideration of the chhildren who were just growing up real fast.  Another big advantage of our new place is the proximity to our workplace, …

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Ski Clothing

  I have always been fond of out of town excursions for as long as I can recall.  It think that it had all started during the time when I was growing with my brothers and sisters.  Our father would usually take us for long trips that involved camping out at nights and a lot …

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  I have always engaged myself in so many activities that were really to my interest.  I can remember as far back as my college days when I would join several organizations at the university whenever I would get the chance to do so.  Among those that I was able to get the most fond memories from was the philatelic club. It …

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Mother’s Ring Designs

I am not quite sure whether most women share the same sentiments as I have when it comes to family and close friends. I am presuming that it is quite common for ladies to get carried away when topics involving loved ones arise in any conversation.  This has been actually what I have experienced personally with almost all members of …

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AL-KHOR SAN JUAN TOWNHOUSES – READY FOR OCCUPANCY 5 Units Townhouses is the introductory project of AL-KHOR Homes in San Juan. Al-Khor Homes is owned and managed by a Filipina and Indian national couple. They hold a big company in India and now expanded their venture in real estate in the Philippines. All 5 units …

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