Mother’s Ring Designs

I am not quite sure whether most women share the same sentiments as I have when it comes to family and close friends. I am presuming that it is quite common for ladies to get carried away when topics involving loved ones arise in any conversation.  This has been actually what I have experienced personally with almost all members of our local girls club at our locality. 

We would actually hold regular meetings to discuss social functions that are community-oriented and most of it concern fund raisers and non-profit campaigns for the benefits of welfare organizations.  It was during one of our conventions that I have proven my assumption to be correct, and this was when one senior member shared a very practical idea on how to pay tribute to those who stood as pillars to most homes.

A very special occasion was fast approaching and everybody was so excited in preparing for such an event. It was so fortunate that this wonderful concept was conceived at the right time. Everything was planned out from the venue to food caterer and of course, the budget needed to ensure that it was going to be as memorable as could be.  However, with most of it taken care of, there was something that we could not just overlook, and that was the memento that was to be given away on such activity.  After a long period of deliberation, everybody had agreed on a particular item that was not uncommon but meant a whole lot of things to those who would be gifted with one.  Before we knew it, we were presented with an array of mother’s ring designs to select from and all I could say is that we were all anxious in choosing the most appropriate one for the presentation.

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