Cast Stone Fountains


I and my husband have just recently moved into our new home where the area is much larger than the previous house which was the most important deciding factor in consideration of the chhildren who were just growing up real fast.  Another big advantage of our new place is the proximity to our workplace, which was just a few kilometers away by car.  We have learned lately that it was indeed the most practical decision we have ever made.  Aside from practical reasons, one very obvious benefit was the community we have.  We have never been so comfortable as we are right now with good neighbors and I feel completely assured knowing that my children are just having the time of their lives, most especially during weekends when we have other kids around at our backyard. 

This is why we have decided to do some renovations within the confines of our small garden.  We have asked a local landscape  artist to help us conceptualize what we had wanted for the inital layout. There were quite a number of very good ideas and having some cast stone fountains were among them.  We had soon found ourselves sourcing around and have even gotten in touch with a few people just to get hold of a specific design that came closest to what we had in mind.

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