I have always engaged myself in so many activities that were really to my interest.  I can remember as far back as my college days when I would join several organizations at the university whenever I would get the chance to do so.  Among those that I was able to get the most fond memories from was the philatelic club. It was on account of the camaraderie we shared that kept our relationships endearing.  It is because of the same reason why most of us have actually maintained communication even up to this present time having our own respective families and careers. 

It was not long ago that I was invited by one good friend to join her at a local exhibit that featured the works of upcoming artists from our area.  This is where the idea of creating another personal collection was formed.  as I was heading back for my home, it just suddenly entered my mind to look for rare items such as krugerrand. I am not quite sure but it might be the rarity of such articles that just gets me so thrilled and excited.

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