Ski Clothing


I have always been fond of out of town excursions for as long as I can recall.  It think that it had all started during the time when I was growing with my brothers and sisters.  Our father would usually take us for long trips that involved camping out at nights and a lot of exploration. We have actually maintained this activity until the time we had moved on with our own lives and have raised our own families. However, regardless of the distance and the tight schedules that we all maintain, we still find time to meet up with each other to catch up on so many things.

It was towards the end of last year that our younger brother have invited us over at his home for dinner to discuss plans about the upcoming holiday season at that time.  It was during our discussion that the idea of spending the holiday season together in a different fashion was initially conceptualized. Before everyone knew it, we all found ourselves back home scampering to find  Ski Clothing.

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