I have been working for a local marketing company for about ten years before I have decided to set up my own small business at home.  It was basically to have more time spent with the children, who were growing up real fast, as what both I and my husband have expected.  It was because of this same reason that we have decided to build another room just behind the house that would serve as a personal office and at the same time, a place of relaxation, whenever I could find the the chance to do so.

I have recently involved myself with some personal activities whenever time would permit me to do so and it has provided me with very positive results so far.  It had been so effective that I have recently persuaded my husband to join me.  I am very glad that he did since it has done wonders as far as relieving us from our daily pressures.  I have actually started looking around for some very comfortable zafu to replace the existing ones we using.

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