Pop Filter

I grew up in a community that had a very comfortable population of a few thousands as compared to the other neighboring towns that had residents of overwhelming numbers.  I have nothing against a large social environment but I really do appreciate the fact that I was able to gather lots of wonderful experiences in a small one. This is where I had learned practically everything that needs to be absorbed when it came to values and being exposed to others aside from family members and very close friends.


I clearly remember those times when everybody would gather together after the regular church service on Sundays and would start planning activities whenever summer was approaching.  It was during one of these occasions that I had the pleasure of being personally involved in organizing small events that were part of a whole day’s event.  We have actually gotten hold of a musical band that was quite popular among most of us locals and were just more than glad to oblige.  Until that time, I never really knew how complicated it was to set up a temporary stage where the performance was to take place, but eventually, things went smoothly and turned out to be very successful.  It has been more than two decades ago that I have now found myself scouting once more for the same things needed for, more or less, the same nature of event.  I have never imagined that development and progress could be so evident as compared back then.  I was presented with equipment that I was never aware existed, and among these was a pop filter that was considered as one important item that most performing people could not do without.

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