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I grew up in a family of musicians and music fanatics starting from both my grandparents, aunts and uncles and up to their own children.  I could say that it was quite an experience whenever we would have a large family gathering to celebrate some special occasion, or to say the least, an annual reunion, which we would normally hold at the local community clubhouse, which was large enough to hold quite a number of people at one time. 


A lot of us young people were mostly involved in preparing the venue by arranging the place with decorations and organizing groups that would take care of ushering attendees to their proper seating locations.  I was once assigned to be an assistant to my elder brother who was basically among those performing at one specific program.  As part of my obligation, I was told to create a checklist of things that were needed based on what was dictated to me at that time.  Among those that were on the list of priorities were a pair of brand new drumsticks for our older cousin and a couple of meters of cable. Looking back now on how everything was back then, I clearly see the same events happening all over again whenever I find our eldest son organizing something of the same nature with the rest of his brothers and neighbors.  I have even seen him make his own list of items such as microphone wire which you buy Gibson Les Paul Studio.

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