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I come from a large family and have always been exposed to social gatherings for as many as I could actually count.  It was actually a tradition that relatives would hold gatherings on weekends, most especially during the summer holidays.  Although our lineage could be traced several generations back, it was quite rare that some would settle down in faraway places aside from our hometown.  It was on this account that reunions were almost always in complete attendance, and this is what made every occasion fun.

I recall the last time when we had such an event that was actually held on the outskirts of town in a beautiful place right beside the local lake.  It was the most memorable one since we had children running around and having the time of their lives, wives and young ladies alike preparing food on the tables and young and older adults just enjoying the cold waters during that warm summer.  It was a long day as I could recall, and I spent most of my time with the elders talking about how it was back then.  They have even made remarks on an uncle of mine who had to wear his hairpiece at that time.  They said that things back then were very simple and in fact, people never did pay much attention to personal looks.  However, they have commented on how things have changed, and everyone had agreed that it was for the better.  It was not long after noticing my uncle that it had actually created a topic of discussion for quite a while and is still being brought up at times.  He has actually recommended a specific source in case someone was interested.  I have strongly suggested to some of my husband’s peers to buy wigs here since my husband has actually gotten accustomed to wearing it and found himself not leaving home without it.

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