Equestrian Equipment

I have long been an avid fun of the countryside ever since I stepped foot on my grandparents’ farm located about more than two hours drive from the city where I grew up in.  Both my father and mother would take me there on weekends whenever they were free from any previous engagements, and we would spend practically the whole day enjoying the beautiful environment and atmosphere.  I have had my most memorable experiences playing with the animals they had roaming around the place.

I remember very clearly my first horse ride and it was on a handsome stallion which my grandfather took care of for a nearby neighbor who was sick at that time and could not provide the much needed time to look out after it.  It was from here onwards that my fascination with horses grew and have actually passed it on to my eldest daughter, who is now undergoing formal training as an advanced rider.  I would have to say that it is not really something that anybody could just get themselves into given the finances required. However, for those that are involved, I do believe that there is this common passion that best explains the extent of involvement that we sometimes go through.  I have actually provided very good equestrian equipment to my daughter and I have considered this as a wise investment, for both character and being able to know that she is always having the time of her life whenever she goes out there parading her skills.


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