I have been working for a couple of years in a local company that was primarily involved in housing development.  I could say that I was able to get the exposure I needed to set up my own independent realty firm together with my husband.  It has not been long ago that we were able to expedite a negotiation with a recent real estate client of ours concerning a project that their group wanted to undertake.

Being in the service business for quite some time now and having been trained in handling technical issues and matters, we both are proud to say that we have actually guided our client in the right direction such as making the right decisions and getting positive results from these.  Furthermore, it was also a blessing that everything fell into the right perspective when we have actually suggested quite a few ideas and information.  To name a few, we have provided them details on designs and a few more helpful advises on material sources such as It has never occurred to me that I might be even worth more than what I am actually being compensated for.   

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