On-Stage Stands

I have been always active when it came to production numbers that were being rendered during my high school years.  This was on account of the fact that I grew up in a musical family and our heritage actually proves such.  It actually all started with my grandfather and was passed down to his children and eventually the tradition moved on from one generation after the other.  I could say that there is not a single family member that does not really play any musical instrument nor sing for that matter.

It was just recently that I was asked by our local community leader to assist in setting up a program for the upcoming centennial celebration at our area.  I could say that it was a really difficult task, even if there were a couple of us neighbors assigned to this undertaking.  However, as things just fell into place after days of brainstorming and discussions, we were able to finalize everything.  I was actually the one who acted as the person in charge of acquisitions of whatever things were needed and it did not prove to be as easy as I initially thought it would be.  I am just glad that getting hold of sources is just typing a few words on the keyboard of my computer and as immediate as it can be, results are found.  It was soon after that everything was settled that I have realized that we were still missing a few more items, and among these was an on-stage stands trombone stand which I have actually planned to purchase for the guest musicians we had invited.  In as much as I was disappointed at myself, I was really blessed when it came just at the right time even if the order I made came last.

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