Development of Hybrid Weather Monitoring System

Development of Hybrid Weather Monitoring System and Production of Weather and Rain Automated Stations – See more at:

Development of Hybrid Weather Monitoring System and Production of Weather and Rain Automated Stations


 Every year, the Philippines experiences strong typhoons with heavy rains and flooding during the monsoon season. This natural phenomenon have claimed many lives and damanged millions worth of properties, crops, and livestocks over the years. In order to prevent or minimize damage caused by this natural phenomenon, obtaining timely and accurate data is key to disaster prevention and mitigation.


To prepare for such calamities, the project will deploy the network for Automated Weather Stations (AWS) and Automated Rain Gauge (ARG) Stations in different strategic locations across the country to complement PAGASA’s weather forecasting system.

Project Overview:

The Automated Weather Stations are monitoring stations equipped with different sensors capable of measuring the following weather parameters:


  • wind speed and direction
  • air temperature
  • air humidity
  • air pressure
  • rain amount, duration and intensity

The Automated Rain Gauges, meanwhile, are developed to gather and record the amount of rainfall over a set period of time.

The weather and rainfall data sent wirelessly through the cellular network as a text message or Short Messaging System (SMS). Each station is equipped with the ASTI-developed data-logger platform GSM Data Acquisition Terminal (G-DAT) that serves as the mini-computer or brain that intelligently controls all the fucntions and data communications of the station. Designed to be rugged and standalone, these stations can be deployed even in the harshest remote areas and can operate continuously as it gets power from the sun, backed-up by the internal rechargeable battery.

All weather and rainfall data from the remote stations are collected on a central database server and further analyzed. The processed data are readily available and easily accessible the local authorities over the Internet, in real time.

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