IM Creator

I have been doing business with my husband ever since we have settled down a couple of years back.  We have actually one thing that is common between the both of us and that is our active nature.  We always find it very difficult when we see ourselves having a lot of free time at home, most especially on weekends, when the children are at their friends’ homes.

We would normally engage ourselves in some overtime work at home during these times since the office is an hour’s drive away and it would be quite impractical.  We have actually set up our own “weekend” hide-away in the basement where we have basically all the office equipment we need, including computers and an internet connection.  It was not long ago that we have decided to seek the services of a web builder and we came across IM creator. I have to admit that we made the right move since business had not picked up as fast as we expected most especially on lean seasons.     


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