Office Fountains

It has been quite a while since I had worked in a formal office being a marketing manager for a local company.  I and my husband have decided to set up our own small business relative to the experience I have had and in line with his main line which is in the field of consultancy in the construction industry.  We have had our latest addition to the family almost a year ago and this is what prompted us to finally think of possibilities on how to supplement the family budget.

 The venture that we both went into took a lot of time in making every single plan and doing some extensive research.  We have also decided to hold business in our own home where it was practical and very convenient considering that I had to look our after our youngest.  I still remember the time when we were laying out the plans of the whole ground floor area wherein we wrote down several ideas including the possibility of having a couple of office fountains.  It turns out that we have actually gone with the plan and had turned out to be the attraction for most clients, which was an advantage when it comes to creating a first impression.

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