Reeds Gemstone Rings

I have always been a very busy mother to my children and a dedicated wife to my husband but still find time for myself whenever there is an opportunity for this.  I have just recently acquired a new hobby that has kept me practically occupied with the extra hours that I am left at home when everybody is outside, either at school or at work. 

It was not so long ago that a close family friend of ours dropped by for a visit and while discussing things about family matters and such over a cup of coffee, the subject of keeping ourselves active was brought up.  Our longtime friend, being a mother and wife herself, has actually found something lucrative to do during her vacant hours.  She keeps herself productive by creating wonderful trinkets and ladies’ accessories out of materials that she finds on the internet then eventually sells them to other friends within her neighborhood.  It seemed like a very interesting hobby for me to take up so she agreed to let me in on it.  I have since then found myself having a small collection of my own and is actually thinking of having a wider variety by getting hold of Reeds gemstone rings and applying them to several designs I already have in mind. In this way, I could have a couple of completely new lines to offer when the time comes that I decide to put them up for sale.

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