boss mo-2

I have been to a lot of clubs where live music is being offered as the main entertainment.  I would say that I greatly appreciate how these musicians live up to their reputation as professionals in the entertainment industry.  During weeknights, I and my husband drop by a few local places where we could just relax and listen to our favorite tunes to our hearts’ delight.  It has been not so long ago that we both have decided to pick up on our latest hobby and that is playing our favorite musical instruments.

We, together with our children, spend Sunday afternoons playing around and enjoying each others’ company.  I have to admit that I am not really an expert, but my husband, having had some experience being in a band way back during his college days, still plays quite well.  In appreciation of his skills, I have recently sourced for a boss mo-2 after one of our good friends has suggested that I gift him one.  He has never been as pleased as the day I got home and handed it to him.

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