Shubb Capos

Our family background is quite interesting.  Just to mention a few of the things we do whenever we get together for some occasion is that we gather those who play musical instruments and those who have wonderful voices and start a program.  I could say that most of us were gifted by being musically inclined, and I would have to thank both my parents for what I have inherited from them.

It was more than two decades ago that I had just graduated from college and have immediately settled down with my present husband.  After a couple of years, we had our first born and things never had been so pleasurable and I have never been as delighted how I and my husband have grown much closer as far as our married life is concerned.  It seems that we have found more time to spend with each other and enjoy a lot of common things with our son, including playing music.  It was late last summer that my son took up guitar lessons and had actually joined in the fun playing together with his aunts and uncles at one recent reunion we had.  I could say that his playing has much improved with the shubb capos his father has given him.  He now handles his instrument with ease and confidence, not to mention the quality of the tunes that he can come up with.

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