Qxcellent EQ3

I was always involved in extracurricular activities during my growing up years which were mostly spent with my grandparents.  I was practically raised by them both since my parents had to be away during weekdays at that time because of their careers that required a lot of travelling.  It was not an easy moment for myself being an only child but it really a blessing that we had wonderful neighbors who had children of my age.

I clearly remember the time when I signed up with the local school band and was assigned to play back up whenever the other person was unavailable.  This has given me an opportunity to perform better each time I was called in to perform.  A couple of decades have past and I now have a family of my own who I am raising together with a wonderful husband.  I could say that I was able to pass on all that the nice and meaningful experiences to all my children, including my passion for music.  It was not long ago that I have actually purchased an excellent eq3 for my oldest son who had just joined up with a group of local youngsters who are all gifted with the same talent and skills.  I have heard them play and I have nothing else to say but was really impressed.

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