Selmer Reference 54 Tenor at Music123

I grew up in a family of people who just enjoyed having a nice time being around close friends and relatives.  I still remember the time when we would hold reunions on a regular basis over at the home of the scheduled host, which would either be at my uncles’ or grandparents’ place.  Both my father and mother, together with us children, would take long drives to the other side of the city a day before the occasion since we always wanted to be sure that we were there earlier than the others, the occasion being a large one and all.

It is really a great time to find everyone enjoying every single moment most especially when topics about the past comes up.  I was never bored and have never grown tired of listening to the older members when they would reminisce and exchange experiences.  I remember several good stories from where I was able to pick up a few lessons and interesting views and have always treasured them for as long as I could remember.  One among the several interests I presently have was due to the fascination I had listening to people playing unrehearsed pieces at every single gathering we had.  I could say that up to this day,  I have kept my interest in music intact and have recently  purchased a selmer reference 54 tenor at music123 to add to my existing collection.

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