San Juan Townhouses – One Seventy Place – Your Home to Live


Another residential townhouse project that would surely prove to be among the best in the area is soon to be made available to potential future residents. With its location situated among the more exclusive and well-known areas within San Juan City, it provides an assurance of being secure and comfortable on account of its serene environment. Furthermore, it boasts of its spacious project area having only 11 exclusive units that is guaranteed to provide the kind of privacy every family intends to have. Access to establishments such as well-known shopping malls, recreation areas, exclusive schools and business establishments is made possible via short distances to main thoroughfares such as Shaw Boulevard and other main feeder roads as P. Guevarra and Wilson streets just to mention a few. It is quite hard not to notice the advantages just by merely going through this initial description. You could immediately imagine the kind of neighborhood that this project has to offer.

What makes it stand-out from the other costly residential projects is that, at a lesser amount, you are being offered the same quality of structures, better at an average, when it comes to practicality in design. It offers a three-level structure with spacious area and a layout that assures easy access to each division within each unit. Out of all the residential developments being developed within our crowded metropolis, it would be quite pressing to find one as appealing as this one with all the practical considerations in mind.

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