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xls1500 at Musicians Friend

I and my family have always been active in community service every since we have moved in for a couple of years now.  We have decided to sell our previous house and settle for a place nearer to my work place which was also an advantage for our children because of the proximity to their …

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Quezon City Townhouses – SFDM Felipe 888


Numark ndx 400

The music industry has come a long way since the time I was still in school.  I remember when we had school activities that we had to listen to music being played from phonographs and cassette players.  I also clearly remember that it took quite a while before everything was set up the right way …

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Al-Khor Homes – San Juan Townhouses for Sale

Alkhor Homes San Juan – Phase 2  Live in luxury and comfort in the heart of San Juan… http://alkhorhomes.blogspot.com/

Flute Cleaning Kit at Guitar Center

I mostly spend my time travelling on business trips and seldom do I spend time at home relaxing.  It has been like this ever since I started my real estate venture together with a close friend of mine.  I know that it has created some minor problems within the family since the children have always …

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Townhouse Finishing & Materials

Phonic Mixers at Musicians Friend

I grew up in a family of music enthusiasts and as far back as I can remember, there was never a dull weekend that was spent over at our home whenever we would have close friends and relatives dropping by for visits or for dinner.  It was always an exciting moment where we would gather around the …

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Even if you change your sheets and pillowcases weekly, chances are you haven’t thought about how to clean a mattress lately. Dust and dust mites accumulate in our bedding very quickly and can cause anywhere from mild to severe allergic reactions. Getting rid of dust mites is an ongoing battle and one effective way to fight …

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Road Case from Musicians Friend

Our family has always been involved every single community activity every since we have lived in this area of ours for the past thirty years.  Both my father and mother have seen our small town grow from a simple suburban location to a well populated area with businesses being set up left and right.  I …

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Pasay Townhouses – Burgos 888 (near Makati – Gil Puyat)

Link to http://burgos888.blogspot.com/   for more project details

Guitar Parts

I have been an avid listener of music ever since I was in my high school years due to the fact that I grew up in the presence of amateur musicians.  I have very fond memories of my brothers practicing in our own garage with a couple of their friends for local gigs that they …

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Soledad 888 – Tondo Manila Townhouses

Please link – http://soledad888-tondo.blogspot.com

Exotic Lingerie

Special functions that called for dressing up in attractive and appealing outfits has never been so fun and delightful for most of us, most especially to those who would experience such activities for the fifth time.  I still remember being invited to a specific gathering that celebrated the opening of a soon-to-be-popular night spot within our …

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Maryland Executive Homes – Cubao Townhouses

Please link to http://marylandexechomes.blogspot.com/ 3 Storey Townhouses 3 Bedroom 3 Toilet and Bath 1 Car Garage  

Guitar Parts

It had seemed like almost an eternity when I got back into playing my favorite instrument with a local group from the neighborhood.  It had been more than a decade since the last time I held on to my guitar, but eventually, I was able to get back some of those skills and put away …

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Quezon City Townhouses – Liberty 888 12 Ave. QC near Crame

LIBERTY 888 – Liberty cor. 12th Avenue, Quezon City COMMERCIAL / RESIDENTIAL UNITS – 27 UNITS  4 Storey Townhouses     Ground Floor – Parking, CR, Laundry 2nd Floor – Kitchen, Toilet & Bath 3rd Floor – Living Room, 1 BR, Toilet & Bath 4th Level – 2 BR, Toilet & Bath Link for more …

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rc 3 loop station at guitar center

During my years as a teenager and spending time with other students over at the local university, I could say that it has greatly contributed to a majority of what my personality is today.  It was through constant exposure to a different environment, other than home, that has actually made me realize that there is …

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San Juan Townhouses – Al-Khor Homes

AL-KHOR HOMES INVITATION TO AN OPEN HOUSE We are AL-KHOR HOMES are proud to announce an upcoming event that will showcase our combined efforts in developing what we refer to as the eventual result of careful planning, resourcefulness and dedication. It is with this latest venture of ours that the summary of all considerations and …

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