Flute Cleaning Kit at Guitar Center

I mostly spend my time travelling on business trips and seldom do I spend time at home relaxing.  It has been like this ever since I started my real estate venture together with a close friend of mine.  I know that it has created some minor problems within the family since the children have always asked for me whenever the weekend is nearing.  I cannot seem to justify my absence and I see it as something temporary since I have asked my partner to look for someone to handle out of town transactions.

I know that it might not be enough at the moment, but I have made plans of spending a whole week at home just attending to basic household chores, which include caring for my own brood.  I could not imagine how elated my husband was after I have told him the news.  I know that I will be up to my neck in workload, but this is part of the joy that I was always looking forward to when we decided to raise our own family.  I have even gotten hold of a flute cleaning kit at guitar center and had already started polishing my instrument which I plan to make use of one Friday evening as a form of home entertainment.  I just hope that I still has what it takes to please everyone, just as what it used to years back.

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