Numark ndx 400

The music industry has come a long way since the time I was still in school.  I remember when we had school activities that we had to listen to music being played from phonographs and cassette players.  I also clearly remember that it took quite a while before everything was set up the right way and it took equal time for the people who took charge of playing the songs just to organize the playlists.

I was just surprised when my eldest son came home one day with a group of his close friends and have told me about something that he just had to get his hands on. It was not clear what it really was until the next weekend came and the same faces showed up at our doorstep with such eager looks on their faces.  I have then found out what the joy was all about.  Without losing much time, my son took the thing out of the box and hooked it up to the audio system we had in the living room and began playing his favorite tunes. He said that he and his friends just purchased a numark ndx 400, which of course I knew nothing of.  I guess I would never understand the younger generation but after seeing them in that state of joy, I just brought back memories of my younger days as a teenager.

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