Road Case from Musicians Friend

Our family has always been involved every single community activity every since we have lived in this area of ours for the past thirty years.  Both my father and mother have seen our small town grow from a simple suburban location to a well populated area with businesses being set up left and right.  I have to admit that I have not really been out of our locality that often but I am pretty sure that there is no other place that I would rather be than home itself.

Our family has experienced quite a lot and this includes the best of times that we have cherished together.  It might be on account of the wonderful social environment that we have shared with close friends and neighbors.  I remember the first time we got invited to a local event to participate in the programs organized for family members.  It was one of my most memorable experiences during my early teen years.  Since my father was blessed with the talent of playing the guitar and my mother with a wonderful voice, it was just a sight to see.  Now that most of us have grown up and have raised families of our own, we look back and see nothing but previous moments.  Up to this day, we would still be active in local events and would even be called to perform outside the community.  With our small kids and a road case from musicians friend in hand, I and my husband travel at times to relive what has been years back

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