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We are AL-KHOR HOMES are proud to announce an upcoming event that will showcase our combined efforts in developing what we refer to as the eventual result of careful planning, resourcefulness and dedication.

It is with this latest venture of ours that the summary of all considerations and practicality have evolved into something  that is not only unique in specification but is also guaranteed to appeal to those who possess the most discriminating tastes and preferences.   This is most especially true since what we are referring to is the pursuit of finding the most “ideal homes” for our respective families.

This project of ours will definitely prove to be among the better choices when it comes to practicality on account of it’s very strategic location.  You will definitely take notice that you will find yourself almost directly in the center of most popular establishments, whether it may be for business, daily living and just leisure.  All of these advantages at a cost that most of us would find very reasonable.

On account of this proud showcase of ours, we are formally inviting everyone to drop in on our OPEN HOUSE to be held on March 08, 2014, at 3pm.

Everybody is very welcome so that we could share with you the possibilities of being able to experience a lifetime full of satisfaction and bliss, which is definitely what  ‘AL-KHOR HOMES’ stands for.  Bring the whole family including friends and enjoy your visit and discuss these possibilities over food and refreshments.  We will make sure that every single minute that you have devoted in spending time with us during this wonderful occasion will be worth more than what you have expected.

In addition and most importantly, aside from our very attractive PRE-SELLING PRICE and other beneficial information and offers that will be disclosed to you during your initial visit, there will be a discount of Php 100,000.00 being offered  to those interested parties who might have immediate considerations.

Let’s not let this opportunity pass…….everything has to start with curiosity and interests…..and for all good things, they eventually end up as reality.

For more detailed information, kindly send an e-mail or call the following numbers below:

e-mail:  anginett@gmail,com  / phone numbers:  (+63917/+63922) – 8289128

An Open invitation to all Brokers / Agents – Al-Khor Homes Open House March 08, 2014

Brokers and Agents are as equally welcome to join us!  You are further invited to bring all of your prospective clients to the event.  On top of the basic incentive and compensation package, a bonus of Php 5,000.00 is being offered for any immediate reservation made by your clients.

For all inquiries and questions, please get in touch with me personally through  phone numbers as listed.

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