San Juan Townhouses – Al-Khor Homes

We are proudly inviting everyone to a Grand Open House celebration at AL-KHOR Townhomes San Juan City JUNE 21’14 Saturday 10am onwards.

Witness one of the more ideal townhouse developments within the area that boasts of MODERN DESIGN and A SECURE LOCATION. It is one among the few in the area that provides a luxurious and comfortable feeling without the burden of high cost. With all the right reasons and considerations in mind, we strongly feel that we have created the most ideal community where future residents could enjoy the true meaning of living.

There is a Model Unit available for viewing at the Open House so that our design concept can easily be witnessed and not just visualized mentally based on what has been previously mentioned. You will definitely SEE WHAT sets us apart from most projects because of the QUALITY of building materials used and how they are TASTEFULLY matched using exquisite craftsmanship while maximizing area. Price and Cost will never be an issue after being amazed at just how practically everything has been laid out close to perfection. Cost falls under a medium-priced home, but considering all these great features, it is just impossible for anyone to let it just pass.

The open community will keep you further amazed at how it was strategically designed. With an open area for a podium and with a wide driveway of about more than 8 meters, it just shows how it was carefully planned from the very beginning. However, with all these said, the best feature still surpasses the rest. The location of San Juan, for those who are firm believers in “Feng-Shui”, has always been known to bring most residents good fortune throughout most of their lives because of its orientation.

Experience what we have to offer and check out the possibility of what your next home would be like. We believe that we are not only offering structures with solid designs and durability, but homes that we could really consider fit for those who believe in really experiencing what good living is all about.

There are discounts and freebies that await those who will be early patrons of our open house.  Do not wait a little longer to make up your mind in visiting us…..sign up and confirm your presence!

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