Pasay Townhouses – Burgos 888

We would like to proudly announce that our long-anticipated project “BURGOS 888” has finally commenced development and construction.  It has been quite a while that we and our valued potential clients have been waiting in anticipation.  This has been all due to the fact that all details and specifications were carefully reviewed in order to pursue this endeavor with the least possible conflicts in terms of concept and possible oversights.
Now that it has begun, we are more than pleased to share with you some beneficial highlights that would definitely appeal to the most discriminating of people.  Among the better amenities that this project has to offer is an 8-meter wide main access road leading to the entire community from the main city road. It will be elevated to a meter higher than the city road to avoid any possible water build-up during heavy rains and is in anticipation of any future elevation of the same city road. The whole project is forecasted to be completed and would be ready for turnover to those very fortunate owners towards the end of year 2015.
Since everything is “green and go”, we would like to invite all interested parties to check what we have to offer and see for yourself what it will be all about.  Location and proximity to the main business district and to main transport stations (including airports) and major commercial establishments and hospitals are literally minutes away.  For our daily living situation, there is much ease in having access to most destinations.  All information and further details can be provided upon request, including legal requirements such as an HLURB License to Sell, which is a prerequisite that gives buyers a great deal of assurance and for the developer, a credible reputation.

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