San Juan Townhouse – Al-Khor Townhomes Ready for Occupancy

Living in a home that has always been a dream to most of us is now a reality.  Most especially when it provides all the comforts and practicalities that we often only could afford to wish upon.

Al-khor Townhomes San Juan Townhouse  has just answered our long time wishes with their latest project located within the heart of San Juan City.  With just minutes away to the nearest shopping locations, business/commercial areas, school districts and hospitals, our most recent project is being offered at reasonable prices in comparison to most within the same vicinity.  We can further boast of the architectural layouts including the rigidness of our well-planned structures using materials that are beyond standards.  It is also within an environment that assures security and serenity.

What makes it more appealing is that we do not have to wait much further to witness with our own eyes what we have to offer.  The entire community is now ready for occupancy and our units are ready for viewing to everyone.  So why play a “guessing-game” when you could actually see the actual finished units to get complete assurance of what you are expecting.

For those interested in dropping in on us, just let us know and we will be more than willing to entertain you by replying to any further possible enquiries concerning details and information.  We are also presently offering in-house financing and are open to other possible and feasible options.

Wait no longer and look no further……get in touch with us now.

JANET C. BORJA Lic. Broker +639178289128 / +639228289128

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