Santa Ana Pre Selling Townhouse by Trans-Phil

In the hope of looking for a permanent home, there are quite a number of obvious considerations that families need to set as priorities. First and foremost is cost, which everybody practical knows is a ‘must’ depending on the financial capacity. Hard-earned money cannot be taken for granted and should be valued with every purchase planned.


Location is another very important factor that most of us tend to compromise at times, most especially if we feel that the actual purchase price is worth certain consequences. But in the end, after a long battle with learning to ‘adapt’ to these consequences, we finally find ourselves in a losing situation because of impracticalities.


All of us should also get assurance that the structure is well-built with an appealing design and layout. This is very understandable since it goes hand-in-hand with issue of cost. Nobody would even consider purchasing a house that does not really make them comfortable when it comes to structural rigidity and everything that follows. In short, nobody would want to end up with something not worth spending their hard-earned money on. We should not forget that what most of us are looking for are homes for our permanent residency.


These are points that are well covered when it comes to projects developed by Trans-Phil, a well-experienced developer that has provided hundreds of families with wonderful homes located within safe communities in and outside Metro Manila. Cost, value and security have never been an issue when it comes to previous and present residential communities. We are proud to say that we have provided comfort and security to our valued clients and have always placed ourselves in their perspective.


Introducing the latest project of Trans-Phil in Santa Ana, Manila.

– Sta. Ana Townhomes – 7 units 3 Storey townhouse

– Revellin Townhomes II

– Medel Townhomes

– Zamora Townhomes II

– Bulacan Townhomes, and

– Syquia Townhomes

All of which are strategically located in Santa Ana, Manila.



– Brand New Units,  3 Storey Townhouse
– 3 Bedrooms
– 2 Toilet and Bath and 1 Powder Room
– 1 Car Covered Garage

SECURITY AND SAFETY FEATURES –  Please refer to Specs, Home Amenities and Features


– Bank Loan Financing – 30% DP / 70% Balance Bank Financing
– Deferred Cash  – 30% DP / 70% Balance Payable in 11 Months at ZERO% Interest
– Special In-house Financing – 20% DP / 10 DP Payable in 6 months at ZERO% Interest / 70% In-House 5 years at 12% Interest
– SPOT Cash
Number of Months Prior to Completion Period  – 6 mos. / 5  mos.  / 4 mos. / 3 mos. / 2 mos. / 1 mo. / RFO
Discount Rates on total Price  – 15%  / 12 / 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 5%

1. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
2. Reservation Deposit – P100,000.00 Valid for 7 days, deductible from Down Payment.
3. Spot Cash- Investment Price is payable in 15 days with Discount depending on the number of Months Prior to Completion Date
4. Down Payment is payable in 15 days from reservation date (except in Spot Cash where full Investment Price is payable in 15 days)
5. Estimated Monthly Amortization for bank loan financing is for maximum of 15 yrs. computed at 9% p.a. interest (subject to change and
bank approval). Interest rate is usually re-price able annually.
6. In-house financing is for maximum of 5 years currently at 12% p.a. interest. Interest rate may be adjusted yearly at each anniversary
date based on the prevailing commercial interest rate of BPI-Family Savings Bank. (Interest rate for bank and in-house financing are
based on current rate. Rates that will be applied to the transaction will be the rate prevailing at date transaction is consummated.)
7. The above price list does not yet include documentary stamp, transfer taxes, registration fee, and expenses for Utilities.


CHOOSE AND OWN ONE now Hurry and avail our Pre-Selling Payment Terms, discounts and more flexible terms.


Look no further and save yourselves the trouble in sourcing for the right homes for you and your families. Give us a call and we will be more than glad in welcoming you to a visit. It is not only about the wonderful homes that we are offering, but rather, it is what you can so deservingly provide your families.


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