Dec 24

Mandaluyong Pre Selling Townhouse T. Bernardo Residences

Now for sale are Townhouse units located within one of the most sought after vicinity within Metro Manila, which is Mandaluyong City.  The entire residential project is guaranteed to bring forth the same high quality and very dependable structures developed by none other than TRANSPHIL….  Known for residential structures that are highly dependable with layouts that are entirely high-end in design and maximized living areas, TRANSPHIL has once more opened one of it’s latest projects within the heart of Mandaluyong City.
A total of 16 residential units comprise the community with all the security features to make your daily lives as secure and comfortable as can be.  CCTV cameras and monitors abound the perimeter walls and has a matching main gate with an electronic lock.  Furthermore, the location is accessible through public transportation and is only minutes away to major business/commercial establishments including schools, hospitals and churches, which makes daily living a convenience.
TRANSPHIL has always been known for its reputation in presenting to potential home owners honest homes that only make use of the best building materials in the market and not to mention the modern designs without compromising space and comfort.
For those interested parties, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by e-mail and/or by phone through the numbers as provided.

Inner Units w/ Common Driveway (Residential only)
1 177.99 50.95 9,790,000
2 167.73 48.53 9,230,000
3 156.12 34.26 8,120,000
4 150.87 33.03 7,850,000
5 156.03 34.25 8,120,000
6 150.62 32.99 7,840,000
7 156.06 34.23 8,120,000
8 150.52 32.96 7,830,000
9 156.06 34.22 8,120,000
10 150.47 32.92 7,830,000
11 155.78 34.20 8,110,000
12 150.38 32.88 7,820,000
14 150.36 32.85 7,820,000
15 155.81 34.19 8,110,000
16 161.33 34.75 8,230,000
17 173.08 38.08 8,660,000

Reservation P100k
30% Down Payment
70% Bank Financing
Our Model Units:
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