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Sep 23

Office Supplies

I am very particular in choosing an office supplies from the smallest item like pen as well as the office equipments because this reflects the business and the person within the organization.  Good quality and high tech paraphernalia and stuff give a good impression to everyone both clients and business partners.  There are a lot …

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Aug 03

Export Carton

I’m into export industry business of children’s wear in particular. In shipping and exporting our goods we are using cardboard boxes.Each and every client has their own quality and thickness requirements. Some buyer’s they even require a master and inner box and other just a master carton will do. For inner box two fly will …

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Jun 07


It is usually more practical and economical to buy on sale items because you can save a lot of money. The savings that you get can let you buy another item or keep it for rainy days. It is also one of the attractions and a marketing strategy of many establishments and a reason why …

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Jun 05

Putting up a Business

Would you want to know your product marketability and saleability? Before stating to put up any business enterprise one should do first a market research.  This will help you assess if the product or services you want to launch and or to offer has an income potential or has a market needs.  In that case …

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