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Benefits of Walking

How To Lose Weight Fast

This is a lazy way to lose weight. It burns hundreds of calories even if you are just sitting down on your computer. It also increases your metabolism which helps in weight loss Pls like, share and comment if you appreciate this tip For Recipe. You Need: 2 tsp Honey 1 tsp Cinnamon 1cup/ 8oz/ …

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How damaging radiation can affect the human body By Al Jazeera Posted at 03/15/2011 6:49 PM | Updated as of 03/15/2011 6:49 PM Just how much can damaging radiation affect the human body? On Tuesday, radiation levels were more than 400 millisieverts per hour near Fukushima’s number 3 reactor. A single dose of 1,000 millisieverts …

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Top foods for boosting immunity

Preventing disease through healthy eating During winter, as the nights get colder, your chances of picking up a nasty bug or dose of the flu are likely to be much greater. As a result, it’s important to maintain a strong immune system, to keep as healthy as possible. Here’s the guide to the best …

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The top 10 worst foods to eat

10 foods that are really bad for your body True, we are surrounded by junk foods, packed with sugar, fat and salt and generally processed to the extreme — but which ones are the real no nos, foods that you really should avoid? We’ve selected 10 of the big hitters, 10 foods that are really …

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7 Foods To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Related article: Top 5 Hypertension Myths You Should Never Believe Stroke is a silent killer and one of its major predisposing factors is a consistent high blood pressure reading. As a matter of fact, hypertension is the fifth major cause of morbidity in the Philippines according to DOH. This is the reason why people must take …

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Is Your Health on the Line?

Unless you’ve had your cell phone permanently glued to your ear, chances are you’ve heard the recent health buzz: Mobile devices may cause cancer. While it’s true that the National Cancer Institute has ruled them safe, a growing number of independent researchers disagree. Read more…


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CRYPTOMONADALES – Prevention & Cure

Have you ever wondered why so many people fall prey to countless attacks of diseases and illnesses?  One can persevere an onslaught of viruses and diseases at one time or even on several occasions, however, do not lose sight that the environment we live in is one that is not as forgiving.  There are countless …

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My father’s testimony using CRYPTOMONADALES

Since last year my dad has been diagnosed to have diabetes with high cholesterol, blood pressure and a high sugar level and also with rheumatism & emphysema. The doctor gave him high amount of various medication just to get a good result but still too no avail. We spend a fortune to buy his daily …

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Growing Ups!

My nephew has been suffering from his pimples since he ages thirteen (13). We really don’t know what acne cure to give him. We have sent him too many different dermatologists who are renowned and proven a track records but still no good result for him. We just think now that it is part of …

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Safe Diet Pills

Alli diet pills are like other famous diet medications that are FDA certified and approved that gives a very good result. It is highly recommendable and proven effective to lose weight effectively. Formulations are suited for all overweight patient ages eighteen years old and above.  It is safe, quick and affordable. Possible side effect in …

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Effects of Cold Water

Part of Growing UP

I have been trying to search for my niece best acne treatment. We have send him to various dermatologist but too no avail. The acne will only stop for only few days and after several days it’s there again.  This bothers him so much. He is very handsome and bright and yet full of blemishes …

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Body Conscious

Have anyone there tried taking pills for diet? I wanted to try but I am a bit sceptic. I’m not sure if it’s effective, safe and what brand to take. What I want to try is the brand that has been tried and tested in the market and by someone to make sure it’s secure …

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Get in shape Fast…using CRYPTOMONADALES & CLEANSE

It is Easy to Loss Weight without Feeling Hungry! Cleanse and Crypto provides a good natural method and nutritional balance for weight loss. Cleanse and Crypto has been shown to all Taiwan broadcasting networks as the number one cure for Diabetes as well as the Miracle Weight Loss plus a very good anti aging agent. …

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CRYPTOMONADALES – Dr. Tugado Psoriasis Testimonial

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