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Efficacy of Cryptomonadales

Efficacy of Cryptomonadales
1. Cryptomonadales tablet (chlorella) is the first one obtains the Health Food Certificate. (Health Food A00066, Department of Health, executive Yuan, Taiwan, R.O.C)
2. The constitutional efficacy of Cryptomonadales tablet: according to animal experiment it proved that Cryptomonadales is capable of lowering triglyceride in the blood and low density lipoprotein-cholesterol. The quality control marker substance is Linolenic Acid, per 15 tablets (3g) contains 37.5±7.5 (mg.)
3. Cryptomonadales tablet can Adjust physiologies, improve metabolism, regulate the constitution and build up your strength.

Health care of Cryptomonadales
1.Balance the nutrient and build up the strength
Cryptomonadalescontains the nutrients human need. The ratio of the nutrients is similar to human demand.
Cryptomonadales contains plenty of protein with amino acid which is essential for human. Besides, Cryptomonadales includes vitamins which exist crudely. Those vitamins which are essential for the regular development and health of human kind coexist with hormone in healthy human body. Moreover, Cryptomonadales includes the vitamins and minerals which are necessary to people in modern time. The nutrients are plant natural organic. There’s no side effect for human and no differences between animal food and composition. Imbalance of nutrients is also a main cause of chronic diseases.

2.Adjust physiologies and regulate the constitution
Cryptomonadales can adjust the physiologies and regular the constitution. Acidic constitution is the origin of chronic diseases. The aberrant constitution (acidic) often causes varied diseases, such as fatigue, lusterless skin and sebum accumulation, etc. Those people lost the resistance against diseases. The best constitution for human is weak alkaline. The pH scale is between 7.35 and 7.45. When the value is aberrant, that means the constitution is aberrant- acidic.

The causes of acidic constitution :
1. Take too often or too much animal protein (acidic food). The animal protein always spoils in the intestines and stomach and accounts for toxic gas, such as H2S, phenol and ammonia, etc. The blood was clouded with those gases and acidified. All animal protein contains plenty of cholesterol that usually accumulates in vessels and results in arteriosclerosis, Cardiovascular Diseases and Cerebrovascular Diseases. Taking too much animal fats would incur high blood-lipid, which would increase blood viscosity and obstruct the blood circulation. It is very difficult for viscous blood to flow to the end of blood capillary. That brings cold hands and feet, stiff shoulders and insomnia. In order to make the viscous blood flow, the heart has stronger systole and causes high blood. That is the cause of heart disease. Those diseases all result from taking too much acidic food. The vegetables is the best choice for alkaline. Vegetables contain wealthy vitamins, organic matters and fiber. Cryptomonadales is a plant and contains better ingredients and efficacy than vegetables.

2. Exquisite food and chemical food additive. Eating polished rice, white bread, white sugar and food additive could result in acidic constitution. You should take Cryptomonadales to prevent acidic constitution if you ate those junk foods.

3. Violate the regular routine. It is harmful for human if you violate the regular routine. There are two kinds of autonomic plexuses that control human’s internal organs. One is the sympathetic nerve which is to help the vasoconstriction, heighten blood sugar and centralize the blood. The other is the parasympathetic nerve which is to ease the strain of the body. Under the control of the two autonomic plexuses, our internal organs could operate regularly. Take the functions operating daily. We could know that sympathetic nerve control our functions in day time, and the parasympathetic nerve control our function at night. In another words, people have to work in day time and rest at night, that’s the rule of human body. In day time, people work and consume energy; at night, people have to rest to replenish energy. However, some people don’t obey the daily routine and violate the rule of life. It is harmful for our healthy and will result in the acidic constitution.

4. Nervousness and stress may cause acidic constitution. In the civil society, there are various nuisances and one of them is on spirit. Interpersonal relationship in family or at work, alienation, ambition, competition, anxiety, excessive fatigue, insomnia, emotional lability and noise, etc, would result in stress. People suffer from series of nervousness, once the nervousness vanished, people may die due to the irritancy. When people suffer from the stress, adrenal cortex would secrete adrenalin to adjust the stress. Extended stress would result in endocrine imbalance and then, cause civilized ailments. The organs are not able to operate regularly. For example, men might not have morning erection when they suffer from the stress.

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