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History of Cryptomonadales


  The research and development of Cryptomonadales :

a new elliptic unicellular plant was found
(International Cryptomonadales Biotechnology Co., Ltd- President Wang, Shun-Te)
(Institute of botany, Academia Sinica- Huang, Tan-Chi)


30 people tested voluntarily(60 tablets/per day for one month)
Summing-up about the efficacy and side-effect of Cryptomonadales
(National Cheng Kung University Medical College- Professor Su, Ih-Jen)


Apply for the registration of health food(lower cholesterol, The Institute Biochemical Engineering Research Laboratories<BEL>- Executive: Pan, Yi Hong)


Cryptomonadales contains high density of PPARs active agent (Division of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research, National Health Research Institutes- Dr. Chao, Yu-Sheng)
Cryptomonadales contains high density of α-Linolenic, C18 and C20 unsaturated fatty acid, etc.


Clinical Trials of Psoriatic arthritis (dermatology department of National Cheng Kung University Hospital- Julia Yu-Yun Lee)

2005 ~ July

The registration of health food approved (lower triglyceride and low density
lipoprotein-cholesterol) (Health Food Certificate A00066, Department of Health, executive Yuan,)

2006 ~ July

Cooperation on Cryptomonadales cosmetics(anti-ageing) and biomedical technology (regulate
blood sugar) (The Institute Biochemical Engineering Research Laboratories- Lee, Lain-Tze, Pan, Yi Hong)

Clinical trials on toxicology of Cryptomonadales PPARs active agent
(Development Center for ~July Biotechnology, DCB-toxicology center)

Comparison between Algae :

Differences of 3 Types of Algae Culture solution Color (Pigment content) Digestion Absorption Rate for Human Beings Differences of Nutrient Ingredients Cell Culture Period (changes during growth) Obtain Health Food Certification of Department of Health, Executive Yuan, Taiwan (R.O.C) PPARs active agent
pH value: :6.8~7.2 alkaline solution Turquoise (blue-green): contain rich Chlorophyll (green) and phycocyanin Reaches 95% due to the thin cell wall Several times more Vitamin E & Beta-carotene than Chlorella & Spirulina; the best SOD; high Chlorophyll Cells are stable and won’t change shape during culture Lavish
Green Algae
pH value: 6.8~7.2, neutral solution Green: contain rich Chlorophyll (green) but lack of Phycocyanin Thick cell wall with a digestion absorption rate of 50%~70% Contain rich Chlorophyll, but lack Phycocyanin. Cells are stable and won’t change shape during culture. × little
Blue-green Algae
pH value: 9~10, alkaline (strong base) solution Blue: contain rich Phycocyanin (blue) but little Chlorophyll Thin cell wall with a digestion absorption rate of 80% Contain rich Phycocyanin, but lack Chlorophyll. Cells usually change shapes during culture from spiral shape to linear-shaped Oscillatoria, which is a poisonous algae. × little

Natural : Natural resource for natural purpose.
Healthy : Invest in health to enjoy good health.
Technical : Advanced technology benefits human being.
Wealth : With great dream comes great happiness.

Natural algae have existed for more than three billion years, have been studied and recognized by various scientists awarded with Nobel prizes and have been selected as an excellent food for astronauts by NASA. They are from Mother Nature and have been studied and improved by distinguished biologists from many countries to become the favorite health food for human beings. Dr. Wang Shun Te with experiences of more than thirty years in algae researches has gone through numerous hardships and efforts since 1990 in order to nurture the most purified and the most precious Cryptomonadales. After that, various Cryptomonadales products that benefit the human health and have slimming features are developed one after another. The Cryptomo series and CRYPTO– PPARs series are developed after that. These products are nurtured and refined in compliance with a pure and natural approach completely so as to fully develop the rich and balanced nutritious ingredients contained therein without any side effect and can be taken for a long term.

There is no one who won’t get sick, but there are people who don’t want to get sick absolutely. If you want to get away from diseases, you have to keep on investing in health maintenance, including leading a regular life, cultivating moral characters, fleeing from bad environment, paying attention to a balanced diet, taking exercise persistently and having a checkup on a regular basis, etc. Easier said than done, especially in such a busy and tense industrial society! Therefore, we have to call on the idea of investment in health prior to enjoyment of health. The simplest and the most efficient way to invest in health for the e-generation in the 21st century is to become a loyal user of Cryptomonadales. Let Cryptomonadales provide rich and balanced nutrients to our bodies and become the warrior of health defender.

International Cryptomonadales Biotechnology Co., Ltd drew on the latest bioscience technology to develop series product, such as Cryptomonadales Tablet health food, CRYPTO– PPARs, Cryptomonadales health care, Cryptomonadales cosmetics and CryptomonadalesR regimen. Dr. Wang Shun- Te hopes to benefit all human beings and let everyone use Cryptomonadales.

Do not worry about an unhealthy body and an embarrassing fortune because your dreams of good health and prosperity will come true as long as you decide to become a loyal user of Cryptomonadales products and active in developing this area. An ideal and realizable dream is the most wonderful thing and worthy of encouragement and sparing no effort. Think about the happy feeling of being healthy and wealthy at the same time!

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